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151 Japanese Girls Names

Got Japanese roots or just love Japanese culture? Then try these Japanese girls names out!

Japanese names carry deep cultural meanings, often rooted in tradition, nature, and history. In Japan, girls’ names often embody concepts of beauty, strength, and grace. We’ve pulled together our top 151 Japanese girls names.

We’ve broken this list of 151 names down into 10 popular categories. If you know the style of name you’re after, use these links to jump to the relevant category on this page:

Although some names would fit under multiple categories, we’ve only included each name once across all categories.

Here’s a list of popular girls names. Each name is widely beloved and carries its own unique charm:

  • Sakura (桜)
  • Hina (陽菜)
  • Yui (結衣)
  • Aoi (葵)
  • Haruka (遥香)
  • Sora (空)
  • Hinata (陽向)
  • Yuna (優菜)
  • Riko (莉子)
  • Nana (菜々)
  • Ayaka (彩花)
  • Akari (明里)
  • Mio (美緒)
  • Yuka (裕香)
  • Kaede (楓)
  • Rina (莉奈)
  • Yuriko (由利子)
  • Risa (理沙)
  • Hana (花)
  • Nanami (七海)
  • Koharu (小春)
  • Ami (亜美)
  • Rio (莉央)
  • Mana (愛菜)
  • Emi (絵美)
  • Kanna (神奈)
  • Miku (美久)
  • Asuka (明日香)
  • Ayumi (歩美)

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Unique Japanese Girls Names

Explore this list of unique girls names, each with its own distinctive flair:

  • Nozomi (望)
  • Yuzuki (柚希)
  • Renka (蓮花)
  • Momoka (桃花)
  • Kohana (小花菜)
  • Serina (芹菜)
  • Itsuki (樹)
  • Megumi (恵)
  • Ayano (綾乃)
  • Suzume (雀)
  • Kotori (小鳥)
  • Hinako (陽菜子)
  • Kaori (香織)
  • Mirei (美玲)
  • Kozue (梢)
  • Yurina (優莉奈)
  • Fuuka (風花)
  • Tomoe (巴)

Short Japanese Girls Names

Looking for concise and charming names? Here are some short girls names for you to consider:

  • Ayu (歩)
  • Yua (結愛)
  • Yuri (由里)
  • Mika (美香)
  • Momo (桃)
  • Yume (夢)
  • Sara (紗羅)
  • Nene (音々)
  • Mei (明)
  • Rei (麗)
  • Aya (彩)
  • Suzu (鈴)
  • Ai (愛)
  • Yuki (雪)

Long Japanese Girls Names

If you prefer longer and more elaborate names, here’s a selection of girls names that carry a graceful and sophisticated appeal:

  • Konomi (このみ)
  • Tomoyo (ともよ)
  • Sayaka (さやか)
  • Kazumi (かずみ)
  • Minako (みなこ)
  • Narumi (なるみ)
  • Chizuru (ちずる)
  • Misaki (みさき)
  • Tomomi (ともみ)
  • Akane (あかね)
  • Hikaru (ひかる)
  • Mariko (まりこ)
  • Midori (みどり)
  • Natsumi (なつみ)
  • Sakurako (さくらこ)
  • Emiko (えみこ)
  • Reina (れいな)
  • Harumi (はるみ)
  • Kiyomi (きよみ)
  • Fumiko (ふみこ)
  • Michiko (みちこ)
  • Shizuka (しずか)

Traditional Japanese Girls Names

Discover the timeless elegance of traditional Japanese names with this selection of classic options:

  • Akiko (明子)
  • Eiko (栄子)
  • Haruko (晴子)
  • Kimiko (君子)
  • Machiko (真知子)
  • Natsuko (夏子)
  • Yoshiko (良子)
  • Chiyoko (千代子)
  • Fujiko (富士子)
  • Keiko (恵子)
  • Masako (雅子)
  • Noriko (紀子)
  • Reiko (玲子)
  • Satoko (里子)
  • Takako (貴子)
  • Tomiko (富美子)
  • Yoko (陽子)
  • Yukiko (幸子)
  • Aiko (愛子)
  • Hanako (花子)
  • Kazuko (和子)
  • Mieko (美恵子)
  • Sumiko (澄子)
  • Teruko (輝子)
  • Tomoko (智子)
  • Yumiko (裕美子)
  • Hisako (久子)
  • Kiyoko (清子)
  • Mako (真子)

Modern Japanese Girls Names

Embrace contemporary style with these modern Japanese names that capture the spirit of today:

  • Nao (奈緒)
  • Ayane (彩音)
  • Himari (陽葵)
  • Asumi (明澄)
  • Ren (蓮)
  • Yuina (結菜)
  • Kaho (夏帆)
  • Yuzuha (柚葉)

Cute Japanese Girls Names

Indulge in the sweetness of these adorable Japanese names that are sure to melt hearts:

  • Rin (りん)
  • Miu (みう)
  • Momoa (ももあ)
  • Miki (みき)
  • Haru (はる)
  • Koko (ここ)
  • Kokoro (こころ)
  • Yuzu (ゆず)
  • Mochi (もち)
  • Tama (たま)
  • Mikan (みかん)
  • Saki (さき)
  • Hime (ひめ)

Cool Japanese Girls Names

Get ready to add some cool vibes to your list with these 3 Japanese names that exude style and attitude:

  • Hikari (光)
  • Kairi (海里)
  • Maki (真希)

Powerful Japanese Girls Names

Empower your daughter with these powerful girls names that exude strength and confidence:

  • Yumi (弓)
  • Akira (明)
  • Nariko (成子)
  • Masami (雅美)
  • Tsubasa (翼)
  • Makoto (誠)
  • Akemi (明美)
  • Natsuki (夏希)
  • Tamiko (民子)

Hip Japanese Girls Names

Add a touch of coolness and trendiness to your list with these hip names:

  • Kaoru (薫)
  • Mirai (未来)
  • Meiyo (名誉)
  • Aimi (愛美)
  • Satsuki (五月)
  • Sumire (菫)

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